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My first novel: welcome to the world.

Did I ever think I’d be writing the words, “My first novel is published today?” Not really. But I am. And here it is, from Bowen Press Books. As a twenty-one-year-old dreaming of being a writer, I never could have imagined I’d be sitting here (in the British Library, no less!) marking this day. Nor […]

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We have a cover!

With thanks to Robert Hand and the team at Bowen Press Books and to the students of my first-session “Writing in London” class, who offered comments on previous versions that have been incorporated here. Can’t wait to see it in book form.

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RIP: Diana Athill.

The great and graceful writer Diana Athill has just passed away, age 101. Here’s a piece I wrote about her for the literary site BLOOM (about writers and other artists who come into their prime after age 40). Diana Athill: The Sufficient Self

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