The Hands-On Life

How to Wake Yourself Up and Save The World

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The Writer's Eye

Observation & Inspiration for Creative Writers

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Eldorado, Iowa: A Novel

Coming Early 2019

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Amy E. Weldon

Writer. Teacher. Environmentalist. Seeker.

Amy Weldon, an Alabama native, is professor of English at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. She is the author of The Hands-On Life: How to Wake Yourself Up and Save The World (Cascade Books, 2018), The Writer’s Eye: Observation and Inspiration for Creative Writers (Bloomsbury, 2018), and Eldorado, Iowa: A Novel (Bowen Press Books, 2019).

More about Amy

I describe my own goals with two interrelated Teaching Verbs: destabilize and rebuild. They aren’t what I do to students—they are what I help students do with their own assumptions, ideas, and skills.

The Cheapskate Intellectual

A journey through matters of spirit, sustainability, and self-reliance

  • January 25, 2019

    RIP: Diana Athill.

    The great and graceful writer Diana Athill has just passed away, age 101. Here’s a piece I wrote about her for the literary site BLOOM (about writers and other artists who come into their prime after age 40). Diana Athill: The Sufficient Self

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  • January 14, 2019

    Macaulay and Marlborough: “The Favourite” on screen and page.

    It’s not often that a movie lives up to its press, but “The Favourite” does – and more.  It also reanimates a story coming to life in front of me, right now, in the first six-volume history of England written by a woman, published around the American Revolution and resting on my desk in the […]

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  • December 29, 2018

    Brexiting, teaching, and time-travelling.

    “All the things that are wrong in the world seem conquered by a library’s simple unspoken promise: here I am, please tell me your story; here is my story, please listen.” – Susan Orlean, The Library Book — Is this the year we finally learn to distinguish story from myth, and lies from both of […]

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