CREATURE is forthcoming in 2025!

Youngish Mary Shelley by Richard Rothwell, Bodleian Library; this is dated 1843 but I think she’s younger than that here – the age she is for the majority of CREATURE, as she’s struggling to cope with Percy Shelley’s death and keep her last remaining child with her.

Delighted to announce that my novel Creature: A Novel of Mary Shelley and FRANKENSTEIN will be published by Sea Crow Press in the spring of 2025. Students, friends, and family know this has been a long journey (especially to get its first draft of 236,000 words down to a manageable length!), but I am thrilled that “my hideous progeny” (to use Mary Shelley’s own words) has found a loving home with Sea Crow. Watch this space for my first book-promotion video, which my friend and trip assistant, Julie, will help me create in the locations where Creature – and Frankenstein – are set!

A still from one of the first-ever films: a version of FRANKENSTEIN from 1910! via the Public Domain Review.