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“So much time to write?”: A sabbatical report (for AGORA, our college magazine).

My sabbatical plans fell apart in the second week of March, when the COVID-19 pandemic got real.  With the support of the Paideia Sabbatical Fund, I’d planned to spend March 16-April 6 in London, researching two books and lecturing at Highgate Cemetery on two of its residents, the nineteenth-century boxing-world figures Pierce Egan and Tom […]

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An Awful Rainbow: possible introduction, part 2.

Part 2 of possible introduction to An Awful Rainbow: Reading the Romantics in a World on Fire. Read Part One here. *** We Frankenstein pilgrims came home to a year that only got scarier. First, there was barely-averted war with Iran. The presidential caucus – Iowa’s pride and joy – came apart in our hands.  […]

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Barns and Edens: metaphors and the virus.

Like soap punctures the fatty envelope around its own RNA strand, coronavirus punctures our human envelopes of comfort and forces rethinking, in so many ways. One is metaphor (x “is” y) and simile (x is “like or as” y), which guides us – for better or worse – in comparing unlike things, and thus helps […]

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