Brainwave: A red-plastic-net solution! [See last post.]

OK, maybe not a total solution (that would be ceasing the manufacture of red plastic nets.) But it will keep them out of the landfill. And the ocean.

Let it become a reusable produce bag! That way you won’t have to rip one of those little thin plastic bags off the roll in the store. And the net is light enough that it won’t register as additional weight for things you are buying by the pound.

Trim the paper tag (which in my case is the label for the bag of oranges) off the bottom, leaving a hem where the bottom of the net is stitched together. Then roll it up and put it with your reusable cloth bags (or, in my case, inside the reusable bag in its little pouch that I keep clipped to my keychain — now I have a reusable bag to carry groceries AND a reusable produce net, all together, with me all the time.)

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