What’s a good Valentine’s Day in Cheapskate-Intellectual-land?

a) The IRS direct-deposited my income-tax refund, first thing this morning.  One chunk goes straight back to savings.  Another chunk goes to bills (including my accountant, because of whom I have this money in the first place.) Maybe the rest can go to a new rug for my living room, to replace the old, now-frayed one that was here when I moved into this house. But only if it’s on sale.

b) I received official confirmation that our college’s Board of Regents has confirmed the vote of my colleagues and my dean — I’m being tenured and promoted, effective this August.  The best part of all has been the warm congratulations from family, friends, colleagues, and students. Thanks, y’all.

5 thoughts on “What’s a good Valentine’s Day in Cheapskate-Intellectual-land?

  1. While I’m sure you believe you affected my life in only the most superficial ways, I assure you, you have done far more than that. I doubt that I will ever become a writer; however, I no longer doubt the power that writing has in my life. I owe this completely to you. It may seem insignificant to you… It is not to me.

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