A general Cheapskate update.

Ah, loyal readers, where to begin? So much has been happening offscreen lately.  Bidding gleeful goodbyes to Rick “Torquemada” Santorum (as Bob has dubbed him.)  Gearing up for some local action on May 5 (stay tuned.) Ending a Lenten Facebook fast with the desire — which I don’t see changing any time soon — to keep minimizing my time there.  Bike-commuting when I can.  Planning some visiting writers and some field trips with my students.  Getting involved to help ensure a future for our local social justice organization. Grading like a fiend. Gardening (although not yet planting) in our eerily warm early season, then dashing outside the last couple mornings and evenings to cover and uncover the most vulnerable plants tricked into their pre-bloom stages a month early.  Keeping myself running on green-machine smoothies: lacinato kale + pineapple + spinach that overwintered from the yard + mango + yogurt + orange juice. (Seems to be working.  A little bit of seasonal-pollen drag but no colds or sickness, all season – to which I also credit yoga.)  Planning a busy summer and upcoming sabbatical, including teaching some community classes.  Grading some more. Etc.

But most of all, completing revisions to my novel.  As of the end of Easter weekend, it has gone back to the kind editor who asked for revision and resubmission a year ago. The changes have been major. But all for the better.

A season of growing.  Here we go.

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  1. Look at that beautiful, crisp white stack of promise. Congrats on all this growth – so happy for you and cannot wait to buy my own copy of your novel.

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