Green smoothie recipe!

Quick recipe for a homemade green smoothie and great afternoon snack: ingredients but not (most) amounts listed, as you should adjust the proportions to make it taste good to you.

Kale (I used a big bunch of Lacinato, from the yard)

Basil (I used three or four sprigs worth, from the yard)

Pineapple (preferably a chunk of fresh-cut; canned would probably be too sweet)

Yogurt (plain, Greek, or vanilla lowfat)

When I was still drinking orange juice, I would put a little of that in here too to help liquify everything, although it isn’t really needed.  You could add some silken tofu as well, for a little more protein and smoother texture.

Whirl everything up well in a blender or food processor, taste, and adjust. I have made this a lot but added the basil this time, and was pleasantly surprised by what it adds to the flavor.

Trust me, I never thought I would enjoy drinking green things either, but I love this.


3 thoughts on “Green smoothie recipe!

  1. I agree – I didn’t think I would like drinking liquefied Kale but I do – as long as there is enough fruit and yogurt to cut the flavor. Great post – I like how so many of the ingredients are from your yard! Glad to find your site.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for your support – I hope you continue to find useful and delightful information here! (Because that is the reason we grow and eat all this healthy food, isn’t it – Delight!) 🙂

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