Why the copyright sign?

Much as I hate the reasons for having to do this, and despite its corporate appearance, on the advice of a good and savvy friend I’ve added the copyright sign to the CI masthead, as you can see. “That’s a great name,” she said, “and take it from me, I’ve had it happen — names get stolen.” By her own employees, as it turns out. The CI is self-employed, an organization of one. But the point is valid. I’m thinking about future forms this blog might take, including a book. I’ve registered domain names. And now, I hope, I’ve signaled copyright intentions adequately.

So, regular readers, I’d like to hear from you: what would you like to see more of in this blog in the future? Leave a comment and let me know.

And thanks, as always, for your friendship, fellowship, and support. Y’all mean more to me than I can say.